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Notes for an Oratorio

These Notes emerged as an outrage against my daily encounter with both the ugliness and wonder of our material and ta...

Book launch: "Notes for an Oratorio: on small things that fall (like a screw in the night)"

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invite you to a programme of music, visual animation, performance an...


Shan Bhattacharya

INR 1,250.00

Portal: The Curious Account of Achintya Bose, conceptualized, compiled and reproduced by Shan Bhattacharya, recipient of the Umrao Singh Sher-Gil Grant for Photography, 2015 (instituted by [...]

Women and Work in Rural India

INR 995.00

Empirical study of women’s work and of women in the diverse labour processes that exist in rural India is meagre. This book seeks to extend our understanding of the nature of women’s work in di [...]

Musicophilia in Mumbai

Tejaswini Niranjana

INR 695.00

This book tracks the place of Hindustani or north Indian music in Mumbai in the long twentieth century, as the city moves from being a seat of British colonial government built on the profits of th [...]

Rethinking the Social Sciences with Sam Moyo

INR 995.00

This book brings together renowned scholars from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas to celebrate the lifelong and seminal contribution of Professor Sam Moyo to the social sciences. Sam Moyo was [...]

K.B. Goel

INR 1,450.00

The history and trajectory of Indian modern art, a little over a century old by broad consensus, has begun to receive close scholarly attention only in the last two or so decades. And within it, it [...]

When Was Modernism

Amit Dasgupta

INR 1,200.00

A commitment to modernity is the underlying theme of this volume. Through essays that range from interpretive and theoretical expositions, the author seeks to situate the modern in contemporary cul [...]

Politics of the Possible

Kumkum Sangari

INR 750.00

This collection of essays covers a broad range of disciplines to produce a work that rethinks relationships and divisions in gender, geography, class relations, culture and much more to create a tr [...]

Defying Death

Amit Kumar Gupta, Maya Gupta

INR 695.00

Although often neglected and underplayed in mainstream history, armed resistance to British imperialism is a significant part of India’s epic struggle for freedom. Th [...]