Celebrating 25 years of publishing excellence


  1. Announcing the launch of our e-books

    Announcing the launch of our e-books

    Tulika Books announces the launch of e-books with a first set of 4 titles Only a click away on Amazon Kindle, from 30 September 2020, are the e-editions of: The World of Ideas in Modern Marathi: Phule, Vinoba, Savarkar by G.P. Deshpande INR 170, USD 9.99 The historiography of nineteenth-century India is beset by a problem which flows from an assumption that India is one history area. It is within the grand narrative of Indian history that debates in different regions and in various lan[...]
  2. Book release: "Women and Work in Rural India"

    Book release: "Women and Work in Rural India"

    An online book release event for Women and Work in Rural India was organized by the Foundation for Agrarian Studies, Bengaluru, on 25 August 2020. The book was released by Brinda Karat, Politbureau member of the CPI(M), who also gave the keynote address. Amit Basole, Judith Heyer, K. Hemalata, Madhura Swaminathan, Mariam Dhawale and Pallavi Chavan took part in a panel discussion after the book release around the themes dealt with in the book, which was followed by a lively exchange of que[...]
  3. ‘Consolidation goes against the principles of independent publishing’ — Indira Chandrasekhar

    ‘Consolidation goes against the principles of independent publishing’ — Indira Chandrasekhar

    PrintWeek India (PWI): What have been the prominent changes that you have witnessed over the years in academic book publishing?Indira Chandrasekhar (IC): When I first entered publishing, in 1980, there were just three to four large (well-known) academic publishing houses in India, offshoots of British publishing companies, and a few smaller Indian publishers who were active in the field. Over the last three decades the academic publishing scene has grown manifold with many more players. In the s[...]
  4. Of Independents, Challenges and Alternatives

    Of Independents, Challenges and Alternatives

    Indira Chandrasekhar talks to Frederick Noronha of her experiences with alternative publishing and more. Interview at the workshop on 'Spreading the Word: Copyright, Dissemination and Independent Publishing' organized by the Independent Publishers' Distribution Alternatives (IPDA) in collaboration with Alternative Law Forum, 24–25 June 2010, Bangalore. Tulika Books is one of the founder-members of the IPDA. Source: https://ipdaindia.wordpress.com/category/video-interviews/
  5. The Tulika Story

    The Tulika Story

    Standing firm by our principles in the face of crises and challenges is not new to us. As we celebrate the 25 years of Tulika Books in all its essence, we move forward, our faith reaffirmed and principles re-consolidated. Look back at Tulika Books with us through these interviews on different occasions with Indira Chandrasekhar, Managing Editor, Tulika Books. INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING: THE TULIKA BOOKS STORY – Indira (Indu) Chandrasekhar Publishers on Publishing: Inside India’s Book Busi[...]